The Globe Café exists to give people a chance to meet folks from all over the world – whether they are from Belfast, have just arrived or have been here for a while. We provide a weekly place for people to come and practise their English – or help someone practise theirs – enjoy the craic, live music and of course, excellent coffee. All are welcome, so we look forward to seeing you there.



The Globe Café was started by people from Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church to form a welcoming place for newcomers to Belfast. Many of us have been 'newcomers' ourselves, and we know the importance of hospitality and a sense of belonging. The indiscriminating love of God for all people, regardless of background or nationality is what drives us as we seek to build transforming relationships through The Globe Café.



  • To provide a social hub where people can meet and make new friends
  • To celebrate cultural diversity and enhance community relations in East Belfast
  • To tackle isolation by creating a community that is welcoming to all
  • To provide social support to migrants as they settle in Northern Ireland



The Globe Café is based on a number of core values:


  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Inclusivity
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Joyful celebration


The Globe Café aims to:


  • Provide a weekly meeting point that is welcoming to all and which provides social support through friendship, practical advice and conversation practice
  • Facilitate the building of genuine friendships and develop a strong community, which leads to sharing of life throughout the week
  • Provide a forum to celebrate life events within a community
  • Publicise the gathering widely to enable as many people as possible to access the community
  • Share creative expressions of culture through live music, themed events and sharing foods from around the world